Pen Gelli Forest, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Forests have always been an important aspect of the landscape, having both social and mystical significance. The history of the development of mankind can be plotted by the importance placed on trees and forests as a means of subsistence. The disappearance of large tracts of forests was one of the earliest consequences of prehistoric man acquiring even the most rudimentary stone tools. The transitions from Stone Age to Bronze Age to Iron Age and beyond, and later to the middle ages and industrial revolution, saw the forests of Britain and Europe fluctuate in both size and importance. Legends, superstitions and rituals connected with woodlands and forests abound. It is hard to imagine any other feature or aspect of the land that has attracted to it such an historic collection of folklore.
In this new work, although concentrating on one motif, I have tried to encapsulate many of the elements of the wider landscape that have featured in my work over the years. Beauty, mystery, myth, spirituality and history are all represented here, all significant aspects of the landscape.


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