'Great Little Tin Sheds of Wales'

The 'Great Little Tin Sheds of Wales' was the first major body of work Pete produced after moving into the landscape from the city environment. A fascination with the variety of these ubiquitous structures made from corrugated steel, and their place in the landscape of Wales provided the initial stimulus for the work.

As the work progressed, it became clear that these structures also provided an insight into the social, cultural and industrial history of Wales. Seen by many as 'ugly' intrusions into the landscape, they are in effect only one, recent manifestation of the occupation and use of the landscape by the human population that has been evolving for thousands of years.

The title of the body of work was a parody of those tourist attractions, 'The Great Little Trains of Wales'. These too were another manifestation of the industrialisation of the landscape, but have now been transformed by popular culture into icons of 'quaint' heritage interest. It may be interesting to note that many sections of the 'cultural' establishment in Wales, particularly those associated with the language, while applauding 'heritage' attractions such as the 'Great Little Trains', and turning a blind eye to the proliferation of ugly bungalows sprouting everywhere, hated this body of work. It was vilified by many, but achieved great popular success. The debate still rages as the recent re-construction of a tin shed on the National Trust property of Llannerchaeron caused outrage in the local press by those more concerned with promoting artifical culture than celebrating a real one. Click here to read the letter.

It toured the UK for over two years from 1984 to 1987, many prints were sold to both private collectors and public art collections, and with the income from this Pete was able to build his studio. Today still, many individuals will approach Pete to mention a tin shed they have seen recently, proving that the exhibition sparked an awareness of the landscape that transcended the pictorial.

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