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Recent and ongoing work .........

Village and memorial Halls

Built for a variety of reasons at significant times in the history of a particular village, these structures are icons of the cultural life and architectural styles of the time. Most were built as a form of memorial, whether for the fallen of world wars or another national event considered to be significant by the community.

In photographing these structures using the strategy of a triptych, I have attempted to indicate both the original style, in relative isolation, of the hall as built, and how, to either side of the building, the immediate environment and community might have developed since. Some have altered much more than others, which itself is an indication of the differences in the various locations and how they have developed, or not, over the years.

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'Cambrian Mountain Landscapes'

The beginnings of a new body of work exploring the bleak and remote landscape of northern Ceredigion. It follows the work made in the woodland environment of the Cistercian settlement of Strata Florida. This landscape would have been selected by the Cistercians for as their preferred environment and these images seek to reveal and explore the surroundings that would have been both familiar and influential on the occupants of the abbey.

The strategy of creating photographic artifacts with an inherent beauty, rich in the detail of the minutia, but from locations and scenes that might normally be passed by as prosaic corners of the landscape, is central to the project. This will allow these various aspects of landscape topography to act as a trigger for a much wider range of ideas and emotions than are normally expressed through simple representation or illustration.

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'Cellan Parish - Markers in a Welsh Landscape'

This series of photographs are being produced in an academic collaboration between myself and Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of Wales,Trinity St. David, Lampeter, David Austin.

While they reflect on and refer to the ancient and recent history of this particular landscape, the aim was not to produce a set of images merely illustrating these. They set out to allude to much of the latent information that may remain unnoticed when they are represented by straightforward forensic illustrations. The purpose here can therefore be described as illumination rather than illustration, revelation rather than representation.

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Forests exist today due to a number of factors. Some are hardy, relatively untouched survivors of those that sprang up after the last period of glaciation. Others, such as those photographed within this body of work are here because the timber has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes and the trees have been coppiced, allowing re-growth to preserve the useful crop. It is highly likely that Pen Gelli forest for instance, has been in constant use since the Iron Age due to its proximity to Castell Henllys Iron Age settlement where timber from the forest was almost certainly used to in the iron making process.

The term 'wildwood' has certain connotations but this particular woodland owes both its presence and visual appearance to centuries of intense management.

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A continuing, slowly evolving series of images of natural plants and seedsheads gathered mostly from my own garden at the appropriate time of year. These are then allowed to dry naturally in my studio where, in time, they develop a new look and existence and are then sorted and selected for photography.

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Random Images

With nothing more in mind than an insatiable appetite for looking at the world around me as I travel, I love those odd moments that make up the world we live in. Some surreal, some humorous but just everyday occurences. I have always loved that gentle was of recording life with photography and these images are just a random collection of observed moments.

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