Pete Davis: Talks, lectures, workshops and masterclasses

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Pete Davis has given talks, lectures, conference papers, workshops and masterclasses worldwide. He is in demand to speak to numerous educational institutions, arts organisations, historic and civic societies but will consider every request. He has lectured at many institutions worldwide which include:

Aberystwyth University; Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Blackburn University Centre; Cardiff University; Carmarthen Museum; Contemporary Art Society for Wales; Fotomuseum, Antwerp, Belgium; Glyn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea; Green Mountain College, Vermont, USA; Karel De Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium; National Library of Wales; Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands; Syracuse University, New York, USA; Toronto University, Canada; University of Ulster, Belfast.
(Please note that Pete does not give talks to camera clubs).

Pete's talks and lectures are based on his own practice as an internationally published and exhibited photographer and his extensive academic research. Topics have included:

'Observations - Collections - Recollections' - A Lifetime in Photography
This lecture was put together for the major retrospective exhibition at the National Library of Wales and first given on March 15th. 2017. It surveys and discusses Pete's work spanning six decades with illustrated examples of many of his major bodies of work during his long career.

'The Enigma of Cader Idris'.
Traces the history of the artistic representation of this mountain in Snowdonia and the influence of Richard Wilson's seminal painting on successive generations of artists. The lecture features and discusses images from many of the 18th. and 19th. century artists that have been moved to draw and paint it, together with how the mountain influenced his own work. This culminated in a major touring exhibition and publishing a limited edition portfolio of platinum prints. An essay on Richard Wilson and his painting of Cader Idris is featured in the catalogue published to accompany Pete's exhibition.

'19th. Century Photography in North Wales'.
Discusses how remote landscape locations such as North Wales underwent a transformation from being largely disregarded in terms of visual imagery to becoming a popular subject for early Victorian photographers. The talk traces the visual history of landscape representation in relation to North Wales, from the early part of the 18th. century through to the introduction of photography in the 19th. century. A number of the early photographic processes are explained, together with examples of the work of several of the greatest practitioners of the time including Roger Fenton, Francis Bedford and Francis Frith.

'Into the Wildwood'.
Drawn from the extensive research undertaken from his Ph.D. thesis, this lecture traces and discusses the historical visual representation of trees and forests. It deals with many of the myths and legends that surround these particular features of the landscape and uses many visual representations to illustrate these ideas. From early religious iconography and architecture, through the romantic painting tradition to contemporary photography, forests have been a profound influence on all of these aspects of the visual world. The lecture also reveals how many of these ideas filtered into Pete's own photography and culminated in his major international exhibition, 'Wildwood'. A 48 page hardback book was published to accompany the series by Lars Muller publishers, Switzerland. ISBN: 978-3-03778-142-5

Personal work.
Many of Pete's lectures focus on his personal photography projects, exhibitions and publications. Drawing on well over fifty years of phototography in differing styles and genres, these illustrated talks can, with prior discussion, be tailored to suit a particular audience. They will concentrate on his influences, research and how Pete selects a particular strategy and methodology to undertake the various projects and how he deals with galleries and publishers to produce his exhibitions and books.

Workshops and masterclasses
In addition to giving lectures and talks, Pete is also in demand to lead workshops and masterclasses. These are practical sessions that allow the participants to gain 'hands on' skills and confidence in the field. The exact content and scope of any particular masterclass can be negotiated with Pete.

Images related to the lectures

Richard Wilson, 'Cader Idris' 1765

Pete Davis, 'Cader Idris' exhibition catalogue

Francis Bedford, 'Pont y Pair, Betws y coed

'In Wildwood', by Pete Davis