Cader Idris 1996 - 1997

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The mountain Cader Idris had featured, almost incidentally, in most of my major exhibitions, and I have passed it by on many occasions during my travels in Wales, with my memory retaining those tantalising glimpses.

Over the years I have also been fascinated by other artists' images of this special place; paintings, prints and old postcards. My research led me to the 18th. century Welsh painter Richard Wilson who's seminal panting of Cader Idris was to prove a turning point in landscape representation. This led me to concentrate on this small geographic area, a new approach for me as previous exhibitions have dealt with large tracts of the British Isles.

I have, in effect, produced two bodies of work around this mountain. The silver prints which form the major element of the exhibition, and the limited edition portfolio of platinum prints together with their 'haiku', inspired by the magic of the oak woods on the southern slopes of the mountain.

Professor Alistair Crawford has written .."In Pete Davis' Cader Idris, like Wilson before him, he challenges the mountain with all his learning, all his knowledge, his culture, his acquired technical skills but it is as if the mountain still insists and still persists, as it also did to Wilson, in having its own say. That, of course, is both Richard Wilson's and Pete Davis' achievement".

A limited edition book with both four colour and duotone reproductions for the platinum and silver prints was published to coincide with the exhibition. A limited edition portfolio of platinum prints has also been published to accompany this body of work. The book contains an essay on Richard Wilson by Pete Davis and a foreword by Prof. Alistair Crawf

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